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Greg Poppleton - Actor. Photo: Sally Flegg

Greg Poppleton - Actor. Photo: Sally Flegg

Hello, I'm Greg Poppleton

I’m an actor, singer and voice artist.
Like most creative people there are multiple things I do with enthusiasm.
As a character actor I do a lot of retro film and TV with stories set from the 1980s to the 19th century.
And I’m Australia’s only authentic 1920s - 1930s singer.
No, I’m not 100 years old,
but unlike every other singer, it’s the music I’ve always listened to.
So when I open my operatically trained vocal cords to sing, the sound you’ll hear will take you straight to the Jazz Age and the Swing Era.
Take a look and a listen to my band and orchestra website:

Actor: 9 feature films, 19 TV shows, 60 TV commercials
Voice artist. National jazz radio host
4 albums released. More than 1.25 million YouTube plays.



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